Things worth to remember after reading Essentialism book by Greg McKeown

Category: Better programmer :: Published at: 25.05.2021

I've recently read this book and have changed my mind about the way i should follow in my life.
It is not worth to be super productive and give 100% of my life to take every chance i will have on my way.

A lot better approach is to just focus on couple of things and to reject not important choices.

The most important conclusions i have taken from this book:

- Choose couple of things, you want to focus on in the nearest future and don't resign from them,
- Reject all the opprtunities which you will receive but they aren't things from the point above,
- Don't take additional commissions - focus on being better in things you are doing at work,
- Try to think how your time at work can be spend in better way,
- If you DON'T NEED to say yes, say NO,
- Pay some attention to what you are doing right now, don't focus on future all the time,
- If you remember your past, you live twice, if your decision is just "okay, that's fine" - it is not enough
- 90 percent rule - when you think about some option, find the most important criterion and evaluate it (1-10), if it is less than 9 - reject it (example - when you buy tshirt, is it comoftable)
- if there is one thing you do with passion, you shouldn't do anything else

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