Login with Google - Rails 6 Devise edition

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 27.05.2022

Today i will try to share with you my experience about signing in with Google on Rails application.

For this tutorial i will use Rails 6.1 with devise gem.

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Refactoring Techniques in Ruby

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 23.05.2022

Refactoring process is very important and should not be underestimated by any software company.

Today i will try to extend my refactoring techniques knowledge and describe it here.

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SOLID principles in Ruby

Category: Design Patterns :: Published at: 23.05.2022

SOLID is a popular group of design principles and if you are a developer, for sure you had contact with it.

It is must if you want to get a nice job, but still many programmers have a problem to deal with this in 100%.

This is my explanation what is SOLID about in Ruby ecosystem.

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How accessors work in Ruby?

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 20.05.2022

Accessors can be hard to understand for new developers. 

In this article i will try to explain how they work and when to use them.

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CQRS Pattern in Ruby

Category: Design Patterns :: Published at: 19.05.2022

In simple words CQRS is dividing the reading part of the model from the writing part.

Instead of one, we have 2 models with different responsibilities.

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Value Objects in Ruby - how it works?

Category: Design Patterns :: Published at: 19.05.2022

Value Object is quite popular design pattern, but it can be messy to implement it well.

This is my implementation of value objects. 

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