How to create simple Docker container with Python code?

Category: Machine Learning :: Published at: 04.03.2023

This is how i usually create a simple Docker container for Python code:

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How to download sql dump and import it into pg database on local env

Category: SQL :: Published at: 23.02.2023

This is the simple instruction on how to download the dump file with sql database and import it to the local postgreqsql database

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How to use basic Redis commands?

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 30.01.2023

Redis is quite easy to use, it's just basic key->value database which can be used in many different cases.

Let's assume, we already have Redis server setup in our application, and only need to use it.

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What is Machine Learning? Why this category?

Category: Machine Learning :: Published at: 19.12.2022

I'm just starting my journey with Machine Learning. I became a Senior Ruby Developer, and currently looking into new fields.

I'm terrified about GPT Chat which looks incredible and scary in the same time. :) 

 My plan is to learn Machine Learning and long-term go more into this field of career.

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How SQL Indexes work

Category: SQL :: Published at: 03.07.2022

In this article you will get the knowledge about very important function inside SQL databases.

We will talk about indexes.

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Cheatsheet about extending Ruby classes

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 10.06.2022

Here is my small cheatsheet which will help you to extend any Ruby class.

I found out it very helpful and i hope, it will also be a nice help for you.

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