How to use AS alias in SQL

Category: SQL :: Published at: 29.12.2021

Sometimes you want to change the column name to make it more readable and easier to analyze.

AS clause will fit all your expectations in this field

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How to use SQL GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

Category: SQL :: Published at: 27.12.2021

This article will help you with understating GROUP BY and HAVING commands inside SQL language.

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SQL Basic Commands

Category: SQL :: Published at: 27.12.2021

SQL is not a hard language, but the common usage of different ORM tools can make us less focused on clean SQL queries than ever.

This is why i wrote here a small cheatsheet with simple SQL commands.

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How to copy folder from SSH to local

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 20.12.2021

Copying data from ssh to local is not that hard:

scp -r admin/backups

This is how to copy from local to remote:

scp /Downloads/example_file.txt

You can use "-r" flag to copy full folder. Without this you can copy only one file.

Kill your ruby session

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 07.12.2021

Quick cheatsheet to kill your Rails session on port 3000

kill -9 $(lsof -i tcp:3000 -t)

How to configure delayed_job to work on development environment

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 14.10.2021

Please take a note, that this is only brain shortcut for my personal use. 

It won't tell you how to install and configure delayed job on your computer.

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