OUTER JOINS tutorial - this is how to use it

Category: SQL :: Published at: 31.12.2021

In the previous article we were talking about INNER JOINS. Today we will try to understand OUTER JOINS with all their types.

If you want to understand how they work - this is place for you, just click Read more :)

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How to deal with INNER JOIN in SQL

Category: SQL :: Published at: 29.12.2021

INNER JOIN is the simplest JOIN type and if you want to understand the clue of using JOINS,
you definitely should start from this point.

In this article i will show you how to use INNER JOIN and explain when to use it properly.

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How to use AS alias in SQL

Category: SQL :: Published at: 29.12.2021

Sometimes you want to change the column name to make it more readable and easier to analyze.

AS clause will fit all your expectations in this field

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How to use SQL GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

Category: SQL :: Published at: 27.12.2021

This article will help you with understating GROUP BY and HAVING commands inside SQL language.

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SQL Basic Commands

Category: SQL :: Published at: 27.12.2021

SQL is not a hard language, but the common usage of different ORM tools can make us less focused on clean SQL queries than ever.

This is why i wrote here a small cheatsheet with simple SQL commands.

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How to copy folder from SSH to local

Category: Ruby :: Published at: 20.12.2021

Copying data from ssh to local is not that hard:

scp -r admin@servername.com:domains/domain-name.pl/public_html/admin/backups admin/backups

This is how to copy from local to remote:

scp /Downloads/example_file.txt admin@servername.com:domains/domain-name.pl/public_html/admin/backups

You can use "-r" flag to copy full folder. Without this you can copy only one file.